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Do we really have that much Control of our Emotions?

Why is it if any other organ in your body breaks, you get sympathy, but if your brain breaks, you get secrecy and shame?


I read this on a Facebook status and I can’t agree with it more.

It’s interesting that people expect that if you run into emotional problems, you can simply change your thinking or change, yet when it comes to something physical, we don’t say that?

I feel that it’s important for those people who don’t understand to realise that emotions are very physically rooted, they are controlled by something physical, the brain, perhaps even more than that! But whatever the organs are, they’re just as physical as anything else. If we are depressed or think negatively, it may be mis-wired signals in the brain, it may be that we are more susceptible to it, as there are probably people who can handle physical pain better than others. There are people who get more pain during their period, while others get none. Would you ever tell your physical pain to just go away? If not, what makes emotional pain so easy to get rid of?

Sometimes, people may be more sensitive than others, they may feel pain easily, or get depressed easily, but what they truly need is understanding.

This is perhaps one of those things that people will find it hard to understand without truly experiencing it, but I can assure you, that it’s not that easy to just overcome.

Let me just explain a bit about the brain process.

Let’s say that you get criticised. Perhaps most people feel annoyed, a bit angry, but can take a deep breath, think about it, then calm down. Some may even let that motivate them.

But for others, they literally get such a horrible feeling in the stomach or mind, that makes them unable to handle it, perhaps rage about it feel really hurt, and feel that they’re just crap. That’s how I can get, and yes – I absolutely HATE that I am like that, but I seriously can’t help it. I see it as my body trying to protect me from harm, and yes – emotions serve an important purpose to help us live better, and it’s not something I can easily just remove.

So while most people can move on from let’s say, a criticism, people like me just take it as a horrible insult. Yes, it’s embarrassing for me, and you have no idea how much I have tried to change my ways of thinking but it simply doesn’t work.

I’ve learned to accept that about me, to realise I’m like that, and just avoid situations. That’s the only way unless science develops some technology to remove certain emotions.

I just really hope people can understand people like that, it’s not that this person wants to be this way, they often don’t have any choice, just like if you burned your hand on a stove, you wouldn’t think you were stupid for feeling pain, right?

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