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Fat Sick & Nearly Dead

I was introduced this documentary movie called “Fat Sick & Nearly Dead” and I can’t express how inspired I am from it.

What is the Movie About:

I’m actually not sure what to call this, it feels like a movie but it’s a true story. Well, I just think this is so inspirational and really motivates people to look twice at their health. What this movie talks about is everything I believe, and is trying to promote on this website: Eating mostly a plant based diet, particularly increasing raw vegetables. Even though I don’t juice (yet, because I have no juicer), I do make smoothies out of all those fresh fruits and vegetables seen in the movie, and I’ve felt that it’s been just as effective.

Watch Fat Sick & Nearly Dead

It does sadden me that from what I saw in this, many people aren’t really aware of eating healthy and feel that because they’re young, they got all the time in the world to eat unhealthy. I can relate because once upon a time, I was exactly the same. I think it truly takes a great scare for you to look at what you’re doing and CHANGE your lifestyle.

The Main Messages of this Documentary Movie

Try a 30 or 60 day juice fast, it may be difficult or even seem impossible, but I believe many who actually go through with the entire thing will feel a difference and would want to continue. If 30-60 is too long, even 10 days could make a difference.

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables in a form of a juice is the best way for the body to absorb and assimilate a giant amount of nutrients.

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables can relieve all kinds of problems such as migraines, skin rashes and so on.

Food is truly the greatest medicine there is and is better than any prescribed medication. With proper food, we can just about heal and get rid of any disease.

It costs about $29 per day for a juice fast.

Our body needs micronutrients to fight disease, flourish and stay healthy, and these are mainly found in fresh, raw fruits and vegetables.

Many people aren’t even aware about green juices, so sometimes it can be worthwhile just to get them to try it and taste it. It may not even taste bad for many. (In this movie, some thought it tasted bad/like grass, others quite enjoyed it.)

Community juice fasting is a great way to get people actively involved.

Most of our health problems come from our choice of lifestyle.

Being healthy isn’t just about changing your diet, but changing the way you live. For example, being more active is another brilliant way to keep you healthy.

Try a Green Juice or Smoothie Today!

(And don’t buy those bottled versions in the supermarket. All the processing has probably killed most of the nutrients. The closer the juice is from its natural state, the better. Invest in a blender or juicer, it is absolutely worth it!)

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