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5 Fun Dessert Cooking Equipments

Silicone muffin cups


Aren’t these just such a wonderful invention? Instead of buying paper muffin cups that you throw away each time, you can bake muffins in these, and it comes out easily, plus you can reuse them!

Candy/Chocolate Molds


These are amazing, they pop out so easily and you can mold brownies, candy or chocolate in these. If you go to craft stores like Michaels or Hobby Lobby, you can usually find them for a pretty cheap price.

Mini Springform Pans


The best way to control baking too much or making too much of a dessert is making it in small amounts, and what better way to do it but a small pan? These are so great for one or two serving cheesecakes or even ice cream cakes.

Cake Decorating Set


You may need to do some decorating for someone’s birthday, and whatever the occasion is, these really help you make your cakes beautiful! You can put your frosting in the bag, then squeeze it out and it comes out a really pretty pattern.

Pancake Maker


If you love pancakes like me and hate having to try making them perfect but fail most times, you may find this useful, a pancake maker that makes perfect, round pancakes.

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