The Benefits of an Alkaline Diet and Body

There are some really great benefits of eating a mostly alkaline diet and having your pH greater than 7.

I’ve read a lot of articles about the benefits of an alkaline diet and from my eating experiences, I 100% agree with this concept. Alkaline diets have known to boost energy, help the body function better, decease the chances of cancer, slow down aging and reverse disease. The fascinating thing I’ve read most is that many diseases such as cancer find it hard to survive in an alkaline body.

It’s interesting to know that just because a food tastes acidic (like lemons), that doesn’t mean it’s actually acidic. In fact, lemons are alkaline foods.

If you’re interested in knowing what foods are alkaline and what foods are acidic, then simply remember this:

Fruits and vegetables are mostly alkaline. Meats, eggs and dairy are mostly acidic.

As long as you remember this basic, you pretty much know the gist of it. Of course, there are some things sitting in the middle.

Alkaline and Acidic Food Charts:

These are all the different charts I found the internet. Feel free to download them, so they can help you remember which foods to eat more of.

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