Coriander leaves, seeds and powder

Coriander is Cilantro MY MIND IS BLOWN!

OMFG, I can’t believe this.

Maybe I’m just totally silly here but for a logn time, I had been looking up and down for coriander . I see it in recipes all the time and I get so frustrated I can never seem to find one. Guess what happened today? I find out that coriander is CILANTRO!

Coriander Cilantro


So all this time I’ve been USING coriander, under a different name.

Yes, I feel so smart right now. (NOT!)

I always thought they were two separate things because the coriander spice doesn’t taste like cilantro, but then I realised it was the seed. Now, I just want to yell at something (jokingly). Why must all these wonderful foods have several names to confuse our souls?!

The Benefits of Coriander/Cilantro:

Helps protect and fight against the Salmonella bacteria, a common cause for food poisoning.

Has great antioxidants.

Has been shown to improve symptoms of anxiety.

It can help control and lower blood sugar, so it’s a wonderful herb for diabetics.

It can help prevent high cholesterol.

How you can use it:

The way I like to use cilantro/coriander is as a garnish for stir fry. I find that it goes especially well with carrots and celery.

Cilantro is also perfect addition for tofu soup, which usually also includes shiitake mushrooms.

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