7 Things I’m Loving Lately

I see a lot of these posts floating around and decided I’m going to start one as well! (Haha, to join the lovely crowd!). Though, what I’m loving may merely be a thought or a website, not necessarily a product!


What I love is just how much I can do with this! We all know that oatmeal is a brilliant food for breakfast and is wonderful for the heart, but did you know that if you blend oatmeal with nuts, fruits and cocoa, it becomes this absolutely delicious dessert, that you never would imagine to be healthy! I also love how oatmeal can be used as a flour for cakes too!


I’ve just recently started using this wonderful nut for desserts and I have to say, it has worked so well that I’m feeling a huge wave of inspiration about what I can do with it! I think the roasted ones from Trader Joes taste the best so far. It has seriously been fun working with almonds!

Using Grapes to Substitute Sugar

Now, this one I completely came up with when I was trying to make chocolate ice cream and I didn’t really want to use banana because there’s a distinct taste to it, and grapes is more of a neutral sugar subtitle because making chocolate ice cream with grapes didn’t taste like “grape ice cream”, if you know what I mean.

Matcha for Acne

Whoa, this works like wonders! I’ve always had pretty bad acne the week before my period and those evil things come up like crazy. Ever since I’ve started on the matcha mask, I swear they have gone down and not really dared to come back. I’ve been finally able to heal those acne scars from MONTHS ago. Usually, it would just be a vicious cycle where as soon as the marks are gone, I’d get new ones to replace the old. Horray!

Motivation and Dreams about the Future

Lately, I’ve been really inspired by motivations on this blog, as well as dreams about the future, like where I can go and what new things I can come up with. I am being inspired so much by different bloggers and their wonderful personalities! Somehow, it has almost made me realise that anything is possible and I can do a lot more things than I thought.

Taking Photos

Taking photos with my awesome digital camera has never been fun. Not only have I been taking lots of photos on food, but I’ve tried to take some of myself, which I have never really done before, and it has even given me a new perspective on how I look, which is a brilliant thing. If you really want to have some fun, go dress up, put on some make up and get a photoshoot done! It is FUN!


I need to seriously write a post just on smoothies. I’ve started a daily smoothie for about a month now, I noticed increase levels of energy, motivation, better moods, better skin, less acne, PMS decreased, and the list goes on. As for what I put in it, a big bunch of fruits and vegetables and nothing else (except some water if it’s too thick). I also leave orange with their skin whenever I make smoothies!

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