Ways to make Life more Memorable

Life is a journey and we shouldn’t forget the happy times (or sad times). Sometimes, it’s the memories we leave that truly gives our lives meaning. Have you ever just sat down and looked at your old photos for hours, reminiscing the old times? Here are some ways to make life more memorable.

Make a Time Capsule

Make a little time capsule for yourself, something you will lock away for the future. Write down your dreams, goals, journey, feelings and such and put them away to look at later in life.

Start Vlogging your Life

You really don’t need an expensive video camera for this. You just need a camera as must of them take videos. What you can do is just take videos of precious moments of your life, then put them together and perhaps voice over them. They are some of the most amazing things to look back on.

Take Photos

Another wonderful thing I love doing is taking photos of snippets of my life. They can be amazing to go through, because once the moment is gone, it’s gone. Photos really help remind us that this happened, and how good this was.

Write Personal Blog Articles

This is something I always do. If I have a really exciting day (that I actually went and did something), I would write down what happened in a personal blog entry/journal, and perhaps mix some photos and videos. Years later, I can read it over and still remember what happened as clear as day.

Watch a Nostalgic Show

Nostalgia is one of the most powerful emotions that takes you back. One of the most nostalgic shows to me is Pokemon, and some days I just love watching those first episodes to get a great feel of the powerful nostalgia.

Listen to Nostalgic Music

Music can bring back memories as well, and I love when a song really reminds me of a situation. They can be so comforting to listen to.

Make a Movie about Yourself

Just for fun of course, you can totally write a crazy script and then ask your friends to be in it. I’ve done that in the past and they were some of the most fun things to re-watch.

Collect Memorable Things

Collect things that remind you of wonderful times you’ve had and put it in a box. It may be a plushie, a book, pamphlet, photo, postcard or even a sea shell. Whatever it is, keep it safe to look back on later.

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