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Ways to Save Time but Cook Healthy

Choc_NutbutterI was making these sweet potato burgers the other day and realised that yes – healthy cooking does require some time, and not everyone has that time. That’s probably why people tend to buy store-bought foods, which of course, end up not being as healthy as what you could make at home. Here are some tips and suggestions to cook but save time.

Know the Food

What I mean by that is, know what types of foods require what amounts of time. Certain foods will take 30 minutes, while others take an hour, some may even take 10 minutes. If you’re familiar with the amount of time each type of food takes, you are likely going to plan better.

Plan Ahead

Instead of cooking on the spot and needing to eat the food within an hour, try starting it way before. I often save time by using the one hour exercise time to bake something that requires that amount of time, or even use that time to rise dough. You may come back from work and don’t need to eat straight away, but start making whatever you need and let it sit for a while. Things like rising dough or baking sweet potatoes require at least an hour or two.

Make Big Batches

Unless you can’t control yourself eating them, I suggest that if you’re making burger patties, or anything else, try making them in bigger quantities. Even if you make breads or pastries, you can make a big amount and freeze them. That way, you won’t have to make it again for some days! (This also goes for making things like nut butters).

Practise makes perfect

Sometimes you actually feel that things take longer because you’re not that familiar with making it. I used to be petrified of making anything “pastry/bread” because I thought rising or kneading the dough was hard. Well, now I do it and wonder what the heck was I thinking, because it is nowhere near as hard as I thought, because I did it so many times, I know the exact measurements to make it perfect, so there’s less fear – which means, it will feel as if you’re doing it in faster amounts of time.

Equipments may Help

Sometimes, certain choppers may help you speed stuff up. I love using the mushroom slicer and I have not turned back since. In the past, slicing mushrooms was always a pain. Make a trip to the kitchen store and stock up on some cool equipments.

Buy pre-sliced versions

Certain foods like pumpkins or onions may take a lot of time to chop/peel, and sometimes it’s much easier to buy the version that’s already sliced for you. Though I will say those go off more easily so you will need to use it up as soon as you buy it.

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