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Getting Braces as an Adult: Part 4 – Putting the Braces On


So last few times, I talked about the steps leading up to actually putting it on. Now, I’m going to be writing about my experience with the braces being put on.

So, you walk into the orthodontist, they give you a purple looking pill (that tastes like candy) and you’re suppose to bite and chew it, squish it around but NOT swallow it. From what I heard, that is suppose to stain your mouth with purple colours if you have plaque buildup. Needless to say, I have plenty, so the dentist did a thorough clean of my teeth and mouth. They use all these sharp objects (not the drill or that hook thing, thank God) on you, like this pump and they spray something that I swear is VERY salty in your mouth. I think it must have been salt water or something.

Hmmm, maybe I should start rinsing my mouth with salt water.

Anyway, they clean for about 10-15 minutes, top and bottom, and it can be a little scary – but try and imagine something pretty and peaceful!

Then, it’s time to put on the braces. Normally, they put these plastic things in your mouth to keep it open but she was kind enough not to do that because I had bad anxiety and gag reflex. Also, I had problems with three cotton wools at first, because it just felt like I was going to be sick. I had a 5-10 minute break just to relax and get rid of my shakiness (yes, I was that nervous) while everyone went outside to take photos. I love the environment of this place, everyone just looks so relaxed and enjoying life.

So after that break, I was better. At first, it was hard because it felt like my mouth was too dry and they had to get me to hold this hair dryer (I think) to dry it up even more, but I swear as time went, it felt as if my whole mouth was numb and I just couldn’t feel anything anymore.

She spent about 30 minutes or so (maybe more) putting them on. They work in sections and she did the top middle, bottom middle, top left and right, bottom left and right. Once the stuff is glued on, she got me to rinse my mouth and then it’s time for the wires, which is MUCH more simple, but OMG it felt so weird afterwards.

There’s definitely a feeling of pressure on your teeth and you may feel that your whole mouth feels like METAL sandpaper.

So you are given a kit and told to brush your teeth after every meal, and floss using a special needle . You’re also given some other cool stuff like a sand timer and little dentist mirror (which I always wanted).

When you get home, it will feel very strange at first, like as if there’s something stuck in your mouth. (Well erm, that is what’s happening)

There’s a little bit of strange pain, almost like baby tooth growing pains that you want to chew on something or bite. (Don’t do it though!)

With these braces on, my greatest recommendation is – the little you chew, the better, so be prepared to live your life like an old lady that has all her teeth fallen out, so don’t eat hard stuff, chewy stuff or anything that may break or displace the braces.

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