Filling Foods Potato Kale and Cannellini Bean Soup

5 Extremely Filling Foods

Potato Kale and Cannellini Bean Soup
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I’m always out hunting for what fills me because as people say, I’m a black hole that sucks food away and I never seem to get full. Well, here are things that actually does make me full for a long time.


Yes, those are magical, I had a bowl of those and I literally felt FULL all afternoon, and that NEVER happens. When I say full, I meant full. Perhaps it’s the mixture of fibre and protein, but it made me eat a lot less at dinner. If you’re not sure how to make beans, try my homemade baked beans recipe.


This may almost sound like a sham because you’re thinking, there’s no way I can feel full with water. I really do think soup can make you full, even if it’s for a small amount of time. It helps you eat less during the main meal, so I think it’s best to have soup before a meal.

Chia Seeds

Whoa, I can have a small bowl of chia pudding and I won’t be able to eat anything more. These stuff is amazing, nutritious and FILLING! The best way to make it so that it fills you up is combine chia seeds with a nut milk like almond milk, let it puff up and have it with fruits and/or a bit of maple syrup.


Oatmeal is also extremely filling. Whenever I make oatmeal, it tends to trick me because I feel as if I have to make more (it looked like there’s so little when I was cooking it) but as I eat it, I find myself getting full so quickly. It fills you up for a pretty long time as well.


A couple of potatoes can really make me full for a while. If you’re really hungry at night, go make yourself a potato. I actually find that boiled potatoes is much more filling than ones that are baked in the oven.

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