5 Food Replacements for an Healthier Alternative

I’m always on the lookout for replacing certain foods with healthier alternatives. Here are five of the latest swaps I’ve been doing!

Nuts for Cheese

I couldn’t believe just how much ground almonds taste to cheese. I was making pasta the other day and ground up some almonds with water and it became almond milk! As we all know, there are heaps of benefits to almonds and other nuts!

Soda/Vitamin Water for a Smoothie

If what we sought for is sweetness, then you will find all of that in a smoothie and so much more! I can’t stress starting the day with a smoothie full of vegetables and fruits, I can’t even begin to count how much it has done for me, mentally and physically, from giving me energy, to decreasing PMS mood swings, to less acne and so much more. Best fruits and veggies I like using: Apples, oranges, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, kale, spinach, cucumbers, carrots and tomatoes. If you

White Sugar for Grapes

Not grape juice, but actual grapes! I find that to be an excellent replacement for sugar, though it will make the mixture wetter so you will need to measure other things accordingly. But grapes are fruits we would normally eat anyway, so why not put it in a dessert?

Cocoa Powder, Oats, Raisins, Nut & Olive Oil for Chocolate or Cake

You wouldn’t believe just how similar a combination of cocoa powder, oats, raisins, nuts and olive oil is to actual chocolate, and you know that all of those things are much healthier alternatives. I totally recommend giving that a go, you may never be able to stop eating them!

Lemon water for Water

Not that water is bad on its own, but lemon water will have added benefits because lemons are just so good for you, it’s a great cleanser and I swear, ever since I’ve started on the lemon water, my skin has been GLOWING! When I say add lemon juice, I mean a big squirt of it, not a few drips. The cup has to look very cloudy and taste very sour, but it’s a taste you get used to and eventually, it’s even more flavourful than water.

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