5 Things that actually Supresses Appetites

Did you ever want to know what type of things can suppress the appetite? Here’s a list of what really helps me suppress my appetite.


It’s funny when you think of exercising, you’re thinking of burning up energy so you must get hungry, right? I actually think exercise is one of the biggest ways to suppress appetite, at least for up to an hour! When you’re exercising, your body heats up and I remember reading that the body will not feel hungry if it’s in that state, it will try and cool down. That’s why you may find that after a workout, you feel more full than you did when you started. This is a great way to curb eating those snacks!


My grandmother told me that in her days, there was a three year famine and what people used to do was boil a big bowl of soup, put half a scallion with a dash of sesame oil and soy sauce and have it, and that it would help you feel full. I always thought drinking soup was better than water when hungry, because there’s at least some flavour.

One of the best ways to avoid overeating a large meal is drink a bowl of soup BEFORE you eat! Try anything like miso soup, spicy hot and sour soup.

Watching a video of someone at the Dentist

This concept is almost like a joke because why would you go watch someone at the dentist? But I had to write it here because the last time I did it, I completely lost all my appetite.

Chewing Gum

Gum actually does suppress the appetite because I remember ages ago in the car, I was starving. I chewed on gum for the remainder of the trip and my hunger suddenly vanished. I only recommend this in a dire emergency because I don’t really know exactly how healthy chewing gum is.

Fruits and Watery Vegetables

This includes oranges, apples, cucumbers, carrots and such. Things you can eat raw, but will fill you up very quickly. Some days, I’ve be feeling extremely hungry and needing a chocolate fix, but after I have some fruits and vegetables, I find that my hunger for that was gone.


There must be some magical voodoo in a potato that can make you feel full for longer, particularly if it’s steamed and mashed. Seriously, I’ve never felt so full after such a small meal, with just a potato.

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