August: 7 Things I’m Loving Lately

WOW, I haven’t even started using them until now and they are amazing, especially when you blend them with other things. They really do give that meaty taste, and will make food taste absolutely delicious!


Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar

Who would’ve guessed this little combination on bread would taste so amazing? While I was in LA, I got to taste some of the most amazing whole wheat garlic bread and panini with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, they make such a great combination which I didn’t even know about till now. Ditch all the butter and fatty dressings and try this!


LA, California

Okay, I just went on vacation there and I ABSOLUTELY love the experience so much that I am dying to go back again. I loved the delicious vegan cafes such as Dr.J’s Vibrant Cafe, Suncafe and Cafe Gratitude. I met some amazing, wonderful people and got to see such exciting places.


Raw Vegan Food

Who would’ve guessed that raw vegan food would taste so darn amazing when they’re prepared properly? Well, Suncafe in LA has totally and completely changed my views on it. I’ve tasted some of the best tasting foods while I was there, and it was vegan and raw. Now I believe that if you can prepare it properly, raw vegan food may be some of the greatest tasting foods ever!


Connecting with Old Friends

Some of the most awesome things I’ve done recently is just to get in touch with friends I haven’t talked to in ages. It feels great to be back in contact after so long!


Inspirational Messages

I’ve been looking and collecting a lot of inspirational messages from the internet lately and I find that when I immerse myself in them, I get really inspired because these words just empower me so much and makes me want to take a chance.


Lemon Juice

Wow, I’m burning through almost 2 and a half bottles of lemon juice per week now, compared to before I was barely using any. I just love adding it to my water, smoothie, face (for acne), salads and everything I can possibly imagine. It really makes food taste delicious!

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