Create your Vision Board

It’s only two days ago that I realised just what a vision board is, and how powerful it can be. Since then, I’ve been totally in love with the idea, because i have many visions and dreams for the future. I totally recommend you to create one too, as it will really give you focus on what you want to achieve.

My Vision Board (created August 10, 2013)

Note: You can also make a real one by writing and sticking things on.

How I wrote Mine:

I first thought of what I wanted to do, then I thought of some things for long term and short term. I also noted down some things that were achievable in this year, and some wild and big dreams that I know will take some effort. I think it’s fun to mix both in, as the big ones really give you motivation, while the little visions – you can instantly do and see success.

I wrote down the people who inspired me, just so I can remind myself of that. I also wrote who I wanted to meet, where I wanted to go, and things like that.

Explaining my Vision Board

Wuxia Gets Popular – Wuxia and Ancient Series are like, one of the most important things in the world to me, and I’ve been promoting them for some years now. It is my dream to see this genre get more popular and known, and I will continue working towards it to make that happen.

Take Risks – One of the things I’ve got a weakness in is just staying in my comfort zones. I never like to take risks, and I want that to change, because I know so many amazing things are waiting for me if I simply took the risk and did something wild and crazy I’d never imagine doing.

Eating Healthy – Since I’ve been eating so much fruits and veggies, I truly feel how healthy I am, and I want that to continue. I want to be the healthiest I’ve been.

Inspire People – One of my ultimate dreams is to inspire people and change the world in a positive way. This is why I made the website, because I wanted to use all that I’ve learnt and experienced so I can help others.

Adventures in LA – I’m actually heading to LA in less than a week, so during that time, I look forward to exploring the place and most importantly, meeting Steve Prince, a voice actor I’ve admired for almost a decade!

Meeting Huang Yiqing – Huang Yiqing is my favourite voice actress for Wuxia and I admire and really love the sound of her voice, since she lives in Australia and that’s my home, I truly hope to meet her some day! I’ve already been so lucky to interview her. Even that for me is enough!

Cafe Gratitude – I’ve heard so much great things about it, I just want to go there one day!

Make Videos – One of the new things I love doing is filming. Perhaps it’s some grand adventure or whatever, I just have so much fun doing that, and I want to make more!

Just Breathe – Sometimes, we all need to remember to breathe, especially through the stressful times. Let’s remember each day, as it will never happen again.

Take Photos – I absolutely love taking photos, and I want to always remember to capture the important moments in life.

Start a Cookbook or Ebook – It’s been on my mind to start one of these as soon as I can, and I seem to be slacking sometimes. I really want to start this, so I can put even more important things on there that can help others.

1000 Articles by the end of 2013 – This is a personal goal I am working towards, I just want to have 1000 articles on my site by the end of the year, and I’ve done 486 now. I’m almost half way!

Adventures – One of my ultimate goals in life is to have adventures, whether it’s exploring other countries or simply having fun, I want adventures and I believe life SHOULD be about having adventures.

Visit China – Two of the places I want to go most are Xiandu and Hengdian, where they film all the Wuxia/Ancient Series and I love every part of what I saw, and hope to be there one day, particularly the bridge where Digua and Xiaoqi were in Seven of the Sky.

Inspirations – My three inspirations for this website are Jess from the Wellness Warrior, Bubzbeauty and Mimi Kirk.

Now that I’ve made and explained my vision board, go head and make your own! Be inspired and let your dreams come true!

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