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Guest Post: Healthy Food that Appeals to Bitter Sensitivity

[Guest post from my hubby]

Kids_hate_vegetablesOne thing I really have always wished is that people would be more willing to try to create new dishes that are healthy but appeal to pallets that are sensitive to bitterness and the standard “vegetable taste”. I know perhaps a lot of parents had gotten used to cooking vegetables in simple ways which kept these tastes and just assumed that their kids did not like vegetables because they were kids.

This is simply wrong and really damages their chances of having healthy meals early in life, when their bodies are developing. The fact is, many people are simply sensitive to these tastes and their mouths simply reject them.

Forcing kids to wolf down these vegetables that they hate is equally disastrous because they will grow up to avoid vegetables at every possible opportunity and be in line for serious health risks.

People really need to see that vegetables CAN taste other ways than simply boiling or baking them with a few spices on top! If more people knew about blending and salting vegetables to make them more palatable to people with sensitive tongues, we would have way more healthy kids in the world! This is why I love this site, it shows you that healthy food does NOT have to taste all the same or awful!

Vegetables can taste like meat and even be sweet! You have to try new things, not give up or force someone when they don`t see the food the same way you do. In short, this site rocks. More power to letting the world know that vegetables don’t have to taste like sweaty garbage!.

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