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Healthiest Ways to Use Oils – Refined and Unrefined Oils Guide

It was only recently that I discovered the many different types of oils and how they should be used. Turns out that oil has a smoking point, which basically means how long they can withstand temperatures until they fume out things that will cause you damage.

Assorted Oil

Latest and Newest Info: Use coconut oil for cooking, that’s one of the only oils that have a very high smoke point and won’t turn bad when it’s heated!

The more refined the oil, the more they can withstand temperature.

Smoke Point

Remember when you fry olive oil in the pan and suddenly when you add water, the entire thing became cloudy? That’s because the oil has reached a smoke point, it was heated beyond the temperature it could tolerate, so it will begin to smoke and change colour, as well as create carcinogens in the air, that also creates free radicals which can do damage to your body. If you notice that the oil looks odd, then it’s probably being damaged by the heat. Then, it no longer is that brilliant, nutrient dense oil you think you’re having. It’s going to create problems for you!

Unrefined Oil

Cold pressed unrefined oils are rich in taste because when they were exacted, all the good nutrients were left alone. It’s definitely a healthier oil, but it’s tolerance to temperature isn’t very high and will puff out in angry smoke if you decide to put it in a hot environment. I recommend using the following oil for drizzling, salad dressing and baking under 350 Degrees Fah

Extra virgin olive oil

Flaxseed Oil

Unrefined walnut oil

Hazelnut oil

Avocado Oil

Macadamia Oil

Wheat germ oil

Refined Oils

Refined oils are when nutrients are stripped from the oil and it’s ironic that it’s exactly because of that, the oil can withstand heat a lot more and have higher smoke points, which means these oils would be much more suitable for baking in higher temperatures and frying.

Canola Oil

Refined Coconut Oil

High Oleic Safflower Oil

Ricebran Oil

Soya Oil

Refined peanut oil

Refined Sesame oil

If you’re using extra virgin olive oil to do frying with high temperatures thinking it must be healthier, that’s actually a misconception. Once the oil reaches its smoke point, it will release free radicals and possibly do damage and cause illnesses, so do be careful when you choose which oils you’re using to fry or drizzle.

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