How to find Happiness in the Present

We all know that if we really want happiness, we should look in the present. Here are some ways to do that:

Focus on what you Can do

There are lots of dreams we want to achieve, and maybe we don’t have the money to do so, or the tools/skills (yet). It’s important to focus on the things you CAN do and do them.

Focus on the Journey

Are you thinking too much about the result? Life is a journey. Everything is! Just think when you were watching a show or reading a book. Was it fun just to flip to the end and watch the ending? Or did you get the full joy watching/reading the entire story?

Don’t put things Off

It’s easy to put things off for another day, but one thing that nobody should ever put off is doing one thing they really and truly love.

Make a Gratitude Diary

Being grateful for what we have is a wonderful way to feel happy and thankful. The best thing to do to remind us is to really think on it each day and come up with things we are grateful.

Plan Something for Today

I don’t know how many times I’ve planned that in a few years time, I’d… If you know that can’t physically happen yet, plan something that you can do today. If you always wanted to take a trip and you can do it right now, plan it!

Be Close to Nature

Right now, as you are reading this, prepare yourself to go outside for a few minutes. Breathe the air outside, feel the wind, soak up the sun and feel the grass or trees.

Don’t Hide any Secrets or Yourself

Did you always want to be something? Do you feel as if you’re hiding a big secret that almost makes you unable to breathe? It’s time to share it, because that feeling hovering around you won’t go away until it happens. We must be who we want to be, no matter how crazy it may seem for others. Remember, life is crazy – and anything is possible. Rules on how people should be are merely ropes people created to bind themselves.

Talk to a Friend

It’s time to contact that friend you’ve been meaning to for ages! Perhaps you’ve grown apart from people, or simply haven’t had time. Nothing feels better than talking to someone you really care about, especially after a long time.

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