How do you keep doing what you’re not motivated to do anymore?

My friend and I were going to make a course on how to overcome demotivation but we weren’t motivated enough to actually start the project.

Why do we get so excited about something, and then lose interest? How many times have you been eager to get into something, start a new project or build a new site, but only to find that each day coming, you start feeling that newness. The excitement is gone, and soon, you’re left with absolutely no will to continue on with the project.

This happens to everyone. When we start something new, we’re driven by what I call, the newness excitement. That itself is the greatest motivator, but it’s short lived. If you truly want to go ahead with a project, you’re going to need more than that as motivation. Perhaps you have a big reason to do this website or project and you have a goal to achieve. Find out what motivates you, or what you’re doing this for. If you’re doing this for certain amount of feedback, this may not be such a good idea because your motivation may quickly vanish if you don’t get the amount of feedback you hoped for.

I’ve often experienced times when I’m all 120% into something, where I will work on it so much in a day, and then a few months later, I lose motivation and feel that doing the same thing is a drag each day and I can barely even force myself to do it. It’s as if all my feelings about doing this has vanished, and left with only a lazy, can’t be bothered feeling.

One of the major reasons why I personally lose motivation is because I found something new and exciting to work on. This can be a huge problem for many people, as I’m sure you’ve all started several projects but never getting around to finishing any of them for that reason. When I’ve figured out that my motivation was indeed killed by something else, I’d usually have a few plans of attack. Firstly, try and focus on this new project a little to get over the initial excited stage. This may not always work out if the person would move on even newer projects every few days. Sometimes if I know it would take too much of my time away, I would simply force myself to not start on it until I’ve completed other projects.

If motivations were lost through external factors like problems with life, then it’s best to deal with these problems first. Sometimes, family troubles, illnesses, depression and other things can run us down and simply make us not feel like doing things. If you suffer from any of them, you’ll need to take steps in handling these problems. If you have family troubles, see if you can work them out. Nobody can be expected to feel motivated if there’s other problems in life, particularly if that asshole down the road is pissing the shit out of you!

Another thing I find that helps me a lot is talking to others. Whenever I talk, people give me all kinds of feelings and inspirations, and gets me super excited. If you got a friend that has similar interests, talk to him/her about it!

Lastly, sometimes I feel certain skills are needed. For example, if you want to start blogging, you need to practice writing so you feel good about it. If you don’t like your own skills or don’t have the confidence, then you may lose motivation very easily if you come across any troubles. If you’re an artist or writer, practice lots and get as good as you can. Revise what you’ve written, ask for others to give some advice. If you are confident, it will be much easier.

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