Causes for Loss of Motivation

Finding-motivation-photographyWe all have moments when we’re very motivated, but there are also times that we lose it completely. Here are some major causes of motivation loss.

Something New

Almost 80% of my motivation loss is caused by that I found something new and better to focus on, so the old stuff gets tossed aside. I think the goal is to not be way too excited about one thing to the point that you’re losing interest in everything else. A good balance is the key and that may take some time to achieve. It’s important that you’re doing something you really love, so that you don’t find anything better to distract you. Also, one thing at a time is a must.

Looking Old

This is especially for those who create things, often I would find that something I made looks old, therefore not as good, and when things don’t look good, motivation is nowhere near as good. This is when you need to do a makeover for whatever you’re creating. Give it a fresh new look and it may just inspire you a lot and get your motivation back.

Life Problems

Often, life hands us with difficulties and when we focus too much on problems, we will lose motivation for what we were passionate about. I often think that has to be handled separately, as in you really need to work through those issues before you can move forward and enjoy other things. If you are going through a hard time, don’t force yourself to continue until things get better.

Lack of Purpose

Perhaps when you started doing this, you didn’t have too much of a purpose, so as time goes on, it’s harder to keep it up. One way to combat that is to always have a really defined purpose for doing what you choose to do. You have to see the end result, to really want it so badly that you would do anything.

Lack of Sleep

Believe me, when you are sleep deprived, you will not be as motivated to do anything. It’s even said that sleep deprivation can cause depression, stress and burnouts, so nothing in my opinion is as important as getting enough sleep.

Running out of Ideas

This is another big cause, say if you’re working your heart and soul into something and you’ve been working on it for so long that you feel drained, you are likely going to lose motivation because you simply can’t think of anything more to add. This is when you need to take a break, go DO something that will give you more ideas, experience life and you will find that suddenly, you have so much more to add.

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