The Art of Making Delicious Salads

Honestly before I knew how to make salads, I dreaded the thought of eating raw vegetables. It just seemed to be something that would taste awful. However, I’ve found ways to make salads taste so great, that even I’ve craved for salads, which is absolutely unbelievable. I know many of you probably also think salads are bland or boring. Here are ways to spice it up!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

If you don’t add any fine quality extra virgin olive oil, you are missing out. The richness of the oil truly gives the salad amazing flavours. Plus, having oil in its raw state is probably the healthiest way you can have it!

Lemon Juice

I really find that lemon juice adds this wonderful flavour, a bit of sourness and tart, which makes it exciting!

Nuts and Seeds

I think this is probably what gives salads the crunch it deserves. I feel that our bodies crave fat, and it loves the taste of fatty nuts and seeds like pumpkin seeds, pecans, walnuts and such. They are also healthy if you’re eating a moderate amount each day! So, throw those nuts in and go nuts eating them!


I think that avocados has the same effect as nuts and seeds, because it’s so rich and fat, it will really satisfy you and make you feel as if you’ve eaten something. I recommend lemon juice with avocados as they simply go so well together.

Fruits or Dried Fruits

I don’t recommend too much, mainly because sometimes fruit and vegetables don’t mix well in digestion, but having a little bit just adds sweetness, and you may find that you don’t need so much salt when there’s a little bit of sweetness. What I love adding most is pineapples, strawberries and raisins.

Pumpkin/Sweet Potatoes

If you haven’t tried adding some pumpkins or sweet potatoes in, do try it! (Though if you are adding this, there’s probably no need to add fruit) Like fruits, it also adds a subtle sweetness in the salad, which will make it far more exciting to eat.


Wow, tahini is wonderful for salads. It’s like peanut butter, but different! It enhances richness of the dressing and makes it taste so thick and creamy, that it will just leave you wanting more.

As you can see, there are so many ways to spice up salads so they don’t have to taste like just eating “rabbit food” as what many people like to say. Try these methods, you may just become addicted to that salad!

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