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Wonderful Benefits of Cayenne Pepper for Heart Health

Cayenne Pepper has the power to stop a heart attack!

That’s right, Cayenne pepper is really powerful, and you can probably imagine how powerful it is just by the heat of it. WOOOW, it gives you a kick!

I’m sure we’ve all seen this message somewhere before:

How to Stop a Heart Attack in 30 Seconds

Famed healers such as Dr. John Christopher, N.D., and Dr. Richard Schulze, N.D., sang the praises of Cayenne pepper. For instance Dr. John Christopher declared: “In 35 years of practice, and working with the people and teaching, I have never on house calls lost one heart attack patient and the reason is, whenever I go in–if they are still breathing–I pour down them a cup of cayenne tea (a teaspoon of cayenne in a cup of hot water, and within minutes they are up and around).”

First the Cayenne pepper must be at least 90,000 heat units or 90,000(H.U.) to be able to stop a heart attack. If the cayenne is at least 90,000 H.U. and the person is still conscious, the recommendation is to mix 1 teaspoon of cayenne powder in a glass of warm water (this is essentially a “cayenne tea”), and give it to the person to drink. If the person is unconscious then the recommendation is to use a cayenne tincture or extract, again of at least 90,000 H.U., and put a couple of full droppers underneath their tongue full strength.

Benefits of Cayenne Pepper and Heart Health

Cayenne can stop a heart attack in progress
It strengthens the heart by increasing blood flow and cleaning plaque from your arterial walls.
It rebuilds red blood cells

How to get Cayenne in your Diet?

I actually love the actual pepper more than the powder and what I love to do is create a sauce by bleding the peppers together. I just eat it with rice and other foods that go well with sauces.

It’s best if you buy organic versions, and above or at 40,000, 60,000, and 90,000 SCUs (Scofield Heat Units), otherwise it won’t be that effective.

You can mix yourself a drink, take it in capsule form or sprinkle it on foods you’re cooking, such as curries, baked veggies or even salads.

Cayenne is one of those things that your mouth can’t stand the first few times but the more you eat, the more you get used to it, and the more heat you can take. So don’t be afraid to start off little and increase over time.

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