3 Ways to Burn Calories while Sitting on the Computer

If you’re like me and love sitting on the computer, it may be a problem if you’re mostly sitting and not moving around. Today, I kind of ate too much food and was thinking: Oh great, I gotta burn this off, otherwise it won’t be healthy for when I go to bed. This was when I discovered a heck of an easy way to burn calories while you’re doing things on the computer (as long as you’re not typing!)

1. The One Arm/Elbow Swing

So you have one hand on the mouse, doing what you do…

Do a running elbow position on your other hand

You know how when you run, your elbow moves up and down?

Simply clench your first, swing your elbow to and fro as wild as you can, similar to how you would move when you’re running.

Just keep doing that while you’re using the mouse!

If you’re having trouble understanding what I mean, picture yourself running and see how you swing your arms? Exaggerate that by swinging it at even greater lengths but only for the arm you’re not using.

2. Watch or Read something Funny and Laugh

(This is how much you want to be laughing!)

I remember reading something about laughing 100 to 200 times per day is the cardiovascular equivalent of rowing a bow for 10 minute.

They also say that laughing is the best medicine and I totally agree in many ways. It makes you feel as if you’ve got a sore stomach and head, but is just such a happy fulfillment that I think anyone would want to feel. Of course, not everything may make you laugh, so you may have to dedicate a certain time in the day to find some comedy videos or hilarious pictures to look at.

I’d like to point out that often when you’re with others, you tend to laugh more.

3. Do the Neck Exercises and Twists

Doing neck exercises, stretches and twists will improve circulation to your neck, as well as improve nerve functions.

Try and twist your necks all sides whenever you get a chance while you’re on the computer, since neck exercises doesn’t require much concentration. If you’re tilting your head towards one direction, you may as well stretch it even further.

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