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Instant Natural Wisdom Teeth Pain Relief Remedies

My evil wisdom teeth was acting up again the other night, for some reason it always seem to also make my jaw hurt. So, I tried two things and surprisingly, found an instant relief. Here’s what to do:

Warm Water in Salt

Put about a teaspoon of salt with a small amount of warm water and stir. Put it in your mouth for about a minute and gargle. Do not swallow!! Then, spit it all out and rinse your water.

Salt has natural healing properties and can help sooth the sore area, as well as flush out bacteria.

Frozen Banana Coins

This was crazy but immediately after I rinsed my mouth wish salt (I almost said soap), I had a banana that was frozen. The coldness seemed to really have numbed the pain, especially if you touch the cold parts around the pain area.

Usually, I would recommend an ice pack but since I didn’t have any, I was only able to eat something that was frozen, but it worked as about 15 minutes after I ate it, I felt that the pain was less than it was the entire day.

Tug at the Sore Spot and Remove any Food Stuck

This is really important because sometimes, a little bit of food like nuts could be stuck where your wisdom teeth is growing, and in my experience, having stuff stuck there just makes it worse. Wash your hands first and then try and remove anything there. Sometimes, even brushing your teeth won’t get rid of it, because it’s so far back.

Sticky stuff or nuts seem to get stuck there very easily.

Brush or Rinse with Tea Tree Oil Products

If you have anything with tea tree oil, use it as a rinse. I’m not sure about just putting the oil directly in your mouth but see if you can find it in stores. You may need to go to a health place to find anything with those kind of ingredients, but it really does make a difference to your teeth!

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