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The Weight of a Burden

BurdenI read an article a few days ago about the young lady who held a glass of water and asked everyone how heavy it was. She explained the actual weight of the glass doesn’t matter at all, it really depends on how long you hold it for. If you hold it for a minute, then everything is just fine. If you hold it for an hour, your arm is gonna hurt and if you hold it for life, you’ll probably meet an early grave or something like that.

The point of that analogy really helped me connect to how we deal with problems the same way. We can hold onto a problem for this long and it may end up suffocating us, or we may learn to put it down or lessen the load so that we get a chance to breathe.

If this taught me one thing, it’s that sometimes, our problems may be very small and doesn’t really mean much, but if we hold it in ourselves, it will seem bigger.

I think the worst thing we could do is to hide it away, and distract ourselves, because secretly, you’re still carrying the weight. Only when we actually deal with it, we can truly get over it.

How do you overcome the weight of your burdens:

The biggest advice I will give is to share it, not like talk non-stop every day 24 hours to others, but share it with close friends and ask for advice perhaps. I remember there were times my stomach was about to kill me with how bad it was feeling about certain problems, but as soon as I talked to one person, I felt like a big weight has been lifted.

Try and see if there’s a way to give your mind and body what it wants, which is often a change.

See if you can learn to put it down for the night and pick it up again the next day. This is hard because we often don’t even know how to begin doing that. Perhaps we need to really evaluate how much this burden is worth affecting your health.

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