Healthy junk foods

Challenge: Healthify Junk Food

Yesterday I was on Feedly and one of the articles really caught my eye. It said something like:

“Fries, Ketchup and Mayo. Why not? They’re good for you” –Source

How Earthsprout made these healthy? Instead of frying, the fries would be baked or dehydrated. The fries were made out of a rutabaga. Instead of soaking ketchup in sugar, they were made from sundried tomatoes and dates with a bunch of spices. The mayo was made from cashews, avocado and other spices and healthy ingredients like hemp hearts, apple cider vinegar and garlic.

That just really made me think. Wow, it’s true that we can probably make everything that’s unhealthy right now healthy.

Yesterday, I made some vegan chorizo for the first time by combining sunflower seeds with walnuts and brazil nuts with a bunch of spices and WOOOW, it tasted like meat! I could not believe it.

Something like that could be used for tacos, burger, and so many more things.

(Of course, it’s probably wise not to eat too much of that, as nuts and seeds are fatty and should be eaten in moderation)

But this just really proves that we can really make anything in the world healthy if we wanted to. It takes a little time and effort, but so worth it for our health!

So my challenge for you is: Create your absolute favourite junk food (or fast food) and make it healthy.

Remember that you can swap a lot of foods for a healthier alternative, such as dates for sugar, almonds or cashew for cheese and so on.

Let’s see all the awesome stuff we can create!

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